The edge information tool
Collecting and visualising field data

What is an edge information tool?

In the IT world the term 'Edge' is used to describe systems that work on the boundary of larger systems.   

We used the term edge to describe EXTAG as it operates at the boundary of company internal systems.  


EXTAG doesn’t look after 'core' functions like finance, logistics, procurement, project management etc, it looks after all those edge areas where the only option is often a spreadsheet, an old Access database, or a folder structure full of documents.

The Problem:
Disconnected Data

Paper forms are being used to collect your field data.
Spreadsheets are storing information that your internal systems don't support.
Time and resources are being wasted with administration and double entry from paper to spreadsheet.

The Solution:
The EXTAG System

Designed from the ground up, the EXTAG System makes it easier to collect and visualise your field data. 
Our flexible architecture enables use across a large variety of applications.
No more paper forms or spreadsheets!
One system – multiple problems solved.

The EXTAG System

The EXTAG System is based on two key areas:
Collecting Data and Visualising Data
Collection of Data

Tablet and phone based data collection is combined with electronic tagging and an intuitive modern interface purposely designed to make the job easier for the team in the field.  


We believe if it doesn’t make the job easier than writing on a piece of paper, then we haven’t done our job.

Visualisation of Data

The EXTAG System creates customised reports based on actual business requirements with mapping representation, charts, lists and more.


Data needs to be actionable to be useful, so we work with every client to customise reports and visualisations to their exact needs.


How it works

Collecting Data in the Field

Tags are placed on items or at locations


Tags are scanned by a tablet or phone


Forms are displayed and digitally filled out

Visualising Data in the Field

Tags are scanned by a tablet or phone in the field


View information based on tag


Or view site information

Visualising Data in the Office

View reporting and
specific item information

Or view map visualisations


The EXTAG System Benefits

Simple to use

With an intuitive interface, the EXTAG System is easy to use for both office and field users.

Efficient data collection

Eliminates the need for spreadsheets, making data collection simple and quick, with no double entry from field to office.

Frees your data

Collects and visualises data that is usually trapped in spreadsheets.

Data can also be made instantly available to key stakeholders and clients.

Use from anywhere

Cloud-based so it can be used from anywhere, any time.

Runs offline

Our Offline Module is perfect for sites with bad connectivity.

Easily visualise your data

Get insights on your data that would otherwise be hidden.

Information at your fingertips

No more searching for information through complicated folder structures, Excel files or Access databases.

All your info in one place

Attach files, images/photos, certificates, documentation etc within the EXTAG System for every tagged item.

Customised for your business

Customised forms and reports ensure you gain specific value for your business.


Industries using the EXTAG System


Use Cases


The EXTAG System is used to help manage scaffolding systems on both Wheatstone and Gorgon sites, providing added value for both the maintenance contractor and Chevron. 

There has been a number of benefits provided by EXTAG on maintenance of these operating plants, including efficient recording and reconciliation of compliant scaffold structures leading to savings in job hours on site; a digitally based scaffold request system that is easy to use by maintenance supervision; and a cyclone hours tracking process that enables preparation for cyclone events when required.  

Inspection Rounds

The EXTAG System is used on a gas fired Power Station in the Pilbara that powers BHP operations. Operators record and report information on critical equipment on their routine inspection rounds, providing streamlined recording and visualisation of key inspection data.

Valve Testing
& Certification

The EXTAG System is used on an offshore platform and onshore stabilisation plant to track and monitor safety critical devices.  It is being used to visually track compliance and will later incorporate Safety Integrity Level capability for compliance monitoring against the owner’s safety case.


The EXTAG System is used by a major Copper producer in Central America on a new concentrator for tracking high value critical equipment such as valves and rotating equipment.  EXTAG Tags are attached to critical equipment and key data is tracked to help manage preservation activities.

Before EXTAG, our scaffold register was just managed through a spreadsheet which would be printed off for different areas and given to the work crews.
This process was time consuming and prone to errors.
With EXTAG, as long as the information we enter is correct, the crew can find the location of the scaffold easily and revalidate. And the update is done there and then.
Since we've started using EXTAG, I rarely get called to have a scaffold revalidated where as previously it would happen every swing.

Scaffolding Supervisor – Wheatstone LNG

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