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The information you need

– at your fingertips

Scaffolding, Critical Information and Compliance.

Smart Technology

With an EXTAG on your scaffolds and critical equipment, you can access all associated information on the spot, with a simple tap of your smart device.

The EXTAG App is a customised application that gives you instant access to your items critical information. Data Sheets, Test Certs, ITPs and more. It's an interactive system that can be used both on-site and offsite. The EXTAG App can also be customised with your existing maintenance systems.

How it works

In the field


Tap the EXTAG
with your device.

Instant Access

Get instant access to your information.

Update information

Add photos

Log inspections

No More Paper Request Forms

Custom branded kiosks will enable your clients and contractors to make paperless requests at any time.

The EXTAG System will automatically send out an email notification when requests are approved, planned and completed. Approved requests are automatically added into the system reducing admin time and error.

In the office


Know where all your critical equipment is and plan for new deployments


Know your equipment inspection status at a glance


One click export to CSV and XLSX

The EXTAG Modules


The Extag Scaffolding system was built to be used by scaffolders,
with a user interface designed specifically for use in the field.

Know where your scaffolds are located and all the critical information associated with them.

Your field supervisors will have everything they need - when they need it. In the field.

With one click reporting, there's no more chasing paper work or updating spreadsheets.

Critical Information

Data sheets, test certs, ITPs and more.
Available where it's needed – when it's needed.

Monitor PSV, gauge and transmitter calibration dates.

Monitor data sheets, IOMs and drawings.

Track all working histories and permits to work.

The Advantages Of Using EXTAG

It’s easy and reduces administration time
Can be accessed from all locations
No special equipment required
Everyone can use and benefit from it
Uses current technology to be more efficient on site and in the office
Can be customised to create specific value for individual companies and sites
Can set key and strategic warnings and messages to users – never miss an inspection or fail an audit

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Unit 2 – 21 Alex Wood Drive, Forrestdale WA, AUSTRALIA 6112