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EXTAG Wins 2024 Hot 30 Awards for Leading Innovations in Smart Asset Management

 Lan Tran, CSO of EXTAG celebrating with winners of Hot 30 Awards for leading innovations in Smart Asset Management

EXTAG has been honoured with the prestigious 2024 Hot 30 Awards, recognising excellence and innovation in Australia's Mining, Energy, Resources, Oil & Gas, Space, and Defence industries.

Out of 30 recipients nationwide, EXTAG stands out for its ongoing commitment to revolutionising industry standards through pragmatic technology and human-centric design principles.

With its headquarters based in Perth, EXTAG has earned a reputation for serving multinational corporations in the mining and resources sector. Their cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Smart Asset Management System offers comprehensive solutions for tracking, maintenance, scheduling, compliance, and reporting.

Key strengths of EXTAG's platform include rapid deployment, customised form configuration that can be updated within 24 hours, scalability, and continual user-driven enhancements. By addressing inspections, compliance, and essential human activities, EXTAG enhances infrastructure reliability, safety, and efficiency in the mining and resources sector.

Guided by Founder & CTO, Gabe Alves, with over two decades of industry expertise, EXTAG remains dedicated to providing an asset management platform that not only optimises operations through efficient data collection but also fosters continual improvement within the business.

The Hon Wilson Tucker (Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Independent) pictured with Lan Tran, CSO of EXTAG, and winner of the Hot30
EXTAG Lan with the Hon Wilson Tucker (Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Independent)

This win solidifies EXTAG's position as a leader in smart asset management solutions, which will shape the future of the mining, resources, and energy sectors for a more sustainable and efficient tomorrow.

For more information, visit  CORE Innovation Hot 30 Winners



EXTAG offers innovative B2B SaaS solutions for real-time asset management and safety compliance.

For media inquiries or further information about EXTAG, please contact Lan Tran at or 0412 026 208.


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