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Gabe Alves Reflects on EXTAG's Asset Management Breakthrough on Weird Growth Podcast

Defence West stand at INDOPAC 2023

Discover the evolution of a West Australian tech company's success journey in the latest episode of Weird Growth podcast powered by Ammo Marketing.

Gabe Alves, Co-Founder of EXTAG, discusses the challenges in asset management and introduces a ground breaking solution - the EXTAG Smart Asset Management System. The software transforms employee engagement with scannable tags for locations or assets, offering flexible forms for seamless data collection and visualisation for optimising operations.

In this engaging discussion, Gabe shares key insights into the mindset of tech founders, emphasising the importance of early consideration for the selling aspect. He suggests that validating a product through sales before development leads to better outcomes.


  • (00:00) - Introduction

  • (04:17) - The stats of successful founders

  • (08:27) - The most successful marketing strategy

  • (10:55) - The problem EXTAG is solving

  • (15:48) - The accidental tech innovation

  • (22:10) - How EXTAG is marketed

  • (26:13) - Other promotional strategies

  • (29:29) - What’s next for EXTAG

  • (32:00) - Sales process

  • (35:22) - Technology showcase

  • (42:09) - The biggest lesson Gabe has learned

  • (44:23) - One Big Piece of advice

  • (46:54) - Gabes’ passion: Ultra Running (42km+) and Motorbike Riding



EXTAG offers innovative B2B SaaS solutions for real-time asset management and safety compliance.

Media Contact: Lan Tran,, 0412 026 208

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