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EXTAG Selected for Inaugural V.Locity Program, Connecting Scaleups with Industry Leaders

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EXTAG, a leader in asset management, is excited to join the inaugural V.Locity program.

Powered by Vici Ventures and in partnership with Visagio, V.Locity aims to bridge the gap between high growth scaleups and industry leaders, fostering connections and growth opportunities.

Vici Ventures, with a head office also in Perth, Australia, has extended the successful approach of bringing essential capabilities to market through mentoring and connecting startups and scaleups in Western Australia. Building on its network in South America and Asia Pacific, the program seeks to empower WA-based scaleups, particularly those with solutions tailored for the banking, mining & resources, and retail industries.

CSO Lan Tran expressed enthusiasm, stating,

"Our participation in V.Locity is an incredible opportunity to engage with industry leaders and elevate our smart asset management solutions into new regions.”

V.Locity offers mentoring by experienced executives and specialists, enabling knowledge exchange and networking. Additionally, the program facilitates face-to-face meetings at Vici Ventures and Visagio's headquarters in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Perth (Australia) providing valuable opportunities for connections and professional support.


  1. Caroni Geospatial

  2. EXTAG - Smart Asset Management System

  3. Conveyor Manufacturers Australia

  4. Vilota

  5. Electro Base

V.Locity is committed to fostering scaleup success without seeking equity. It serves as a conduit, connecting innovative companies with industry leaders and nurturing a supportive environment for learning and development.

Click here for more information about EXTAG participation in V.Locity.


About EXTAG Smart Asset Management

EXTAG Smart Asset Management specialises in innovative asset management solutions, enhancing efficiency and sustainability across sectors.

Media Contact: Lan Tran,, 0412026208

For more information about V.Locity, please visit the V.Locity website.


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