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Blueprints of Tomorrow: Tech Innovations at 'A Future By Design' Perth

 Lan Tran, CSO of EXTAG and Gabe Alves, CTO of EXTAG, holding up EXTAG Tags at A Future By Design Conference in Perth, Western Australia

'A Future By Design' conference was a resounding success, putting the spotlight on leading-edge companies from Perth, Western Australia. Among the standout contributors was EXTAG, recognised for its ground-breaking human-centric asset management solution. With a strong uptake among workers in the field, and its adaptable design fostering continuous enhancement, EXTAG truly stands out.

Hosted at The Platform, the event attracted significant attention for its exploration of emerging technologies, forward-thinking, and the ethical implications of the digital age. Described as "tailored to showcase WA's forefront tech," the conference provided a vital platform for digital visionaries to navigate the complex landscape of challenges and opportunities affecting communities, prosperity, and the trajectory of future generations.

A Future By Design attendees listening to tech innovations in Perth, Western Australia

Attendees immersed themselves in a day of stimulating discussions and hands-on experiences, exploring upcoming innovations, technological trends, and ethical considerations, with a specific emphasis on responsible integration of AI.

Another highlight of the event was the breakout rooms dedicated to showcasing the technologies, reaffirming Perth's status as a hub for technological innovation.


BrainChip - adding intelligence to AI - AI story generator

BankVault Cybersecurity - passwordless authentication for web services

Ready Team One - total body social gaming experience

VetChip - smart animal monitoring

EXTAG - smart asset management system

"The recognition of our technology at this event is significant," said Gabe Alves, CTO of EXTAG. "It demonstrates the value of our transitional tech into AI and validates our commitment to continuous innovation."

Tech luminary Marion Burchell played a key role in the curation of the event to foster thought-provoking discussions on the ethical and legal frameworks essential for navigating an AI-driven future. High profiled panellists such as Lisa Andrews, Christina Gerakiteys, Natasha Blycha, and Schellie-Jayne Price provided invaluable insights into the designing for the future, regulatory complexities and ethical deliberations surrounding AI and robotics.

The conference facilitated meaningful connections and cross-sector collaborations, laying a good foundation for future innovations and business ventures. Participants, representing a spectrum of industries, embraced the conference's ethos of shaping an optimistic future through collective action and forward-thinking initiatives.

"We are thrilled by the resounding success of A Future By Design," expressed Marion Burchell, extending thanks to sponsors, speakers, and attendees for their steadfast support. "This event exemplifies Perth's commitment to embracing innovation and technology while upholding ethical principles and fostering community impact".

As Western Australia propels itself towards technological prominence, events like this serve as pivotal catalysts for progress, shaping the region's technological landscape and charting a course towards a future by design.

Photos courtesy of the City of Perth and Azolla Holdings.



With the focus on the user experience, EXTAG is a Leader in innovative SaaS solutions for real-time asset management, compliance and all human activities that are required for infrastructure reliability, safety, and efficiency.

For media inquiries or further information about EXTAG, please contact Lan Tran at or 0412 026 208.


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