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Instant Access

Get instant access to your information.

The EXTAG® Scaffolding System


Custom branded kiosks will enable your clients and contractors to make streamlined paperless requests at any time.
  • No more confusion when a scaffold has been requested.

  • Requestors get notified by email when requests are approved and when their scaffold is erected.


  • Instantly view current requests to prevent duplicate requests.

Approve and Plan

Approve requested scaffolds and plan for new ones.

  • Know where all your scaffolds are and their status, at a glance.

  • Electronically review and approve all scaffold requests and changes.


  • Instant access to all current and historical scaffold information.


Access and input scaffold information and documentation in the field.

  • Better data entry - enter it once, enter it right.

  • No more double entry of data from paper forms to spreadsheets.


  • Instant access to all scaffold information - no more digging through spreadsheets, calling the office or driving back to get the information you need.


Know what to inspect and carry out inspections without the paperwork.

  • Know exactly which scaffolds need inspection and where they are, without the need to dig through spreadsheets.

  • Effortless, paperless inspection recording in the field.

  • Full visibility that inspections are being done and records are kept.

  • Instant access to all inspections and change history.​

Real Time Information

Risk Mitigation

Instant access to your information to reduce your risk.

  • ​Instant access to all inspections and change history to assist incident investigations.

  • All changes are logged and associated with a user for traceability.

  • Avoid access delays due to late inspections.

  • Simplify your audit process by giving the auditor access to the system.

  • Keep your site cyclone safe by knowing the manpower required to become cyclone ready.

  • Track the age of your scaffolds and help keep your people safe.


Instant access to custom generated reports.

  • With one-click reporting, reduce days or hours wasted, messing with spreadsheets and charts.

  • Reports are real-time and always available.

  • Give your client the ultimate gift of transparency and avoid wasting your teams’ or your clients’ time.​​

EXTAG® Scaffolding uses smart technology so you can be more efficient in the field,  and in the office.

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